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SCOUTED | Picked up an extra copy for mom

Thank you to Cosmopolitan Magazine for featuring me in the July issue! I was happy to use the opportunity to promote one of my favorite new lines, Proud Mary, who practice fair trade with textile workers in developing countries. You can see that in the digital issue!… read more

Criterion Challenge | 101 Days of Summer

Here’s a fun little something: Criterion is streaming movies for free on Hulu! They’re calling it 101 Days of Summer, and It started on May 25th and goes through Labor Day. Each film is available for free on Hulu for 48 hours. The selections are a “mix of classic titles and brand-new uploads to Hulu”,… read more

Art | Paintings by Kelly Reemsten

Just discovered the wonderful work of Kelly Reemsten via the Jealous Curator. I love the contradiction of the pretty dresses against the utilitarian tools… they seem to have an element of weaponry about them, don’t they? In any case, I think these paintings capture something real about how it feels to be a woman. I… read more

TAPING | Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell

I’m not going to lie. I dragged myself out the door to this taping after a long week of work, mostly out of duty and respect for names I grew up hearing. I did not know it would be it one of the best shows of my life. I did not know that Emmylou would… read more

PRODUCT STYLING | Linen from Matteo

I was poking around the matteo los angeles website today and discovered their beautifully styled collection of linen apparel. I really like the back-lit/x-ray effect in these photos. Reminds me a bit of Adam Fuss’s My Ghost series. I would really like to add one of his prints to my collection, but in the meantime… read more

Mick’s Tape | #4 Over And Done With: Songs from Movies

click to listen Sooner or later, we all end up in the soundtrack aisle. And if you’re like me, then you’re not ashamed to hang out for a while. One of the first cds I ever bought for myself was the soundtrack to Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”. I’ve still got it, and it still rocks.… read more

PHOTOGRAPHY | The Groupies by Baron Wolman

Groupies by Baron Wolman

All photos taken in 1968 by Baron Wolman. From top to bottom: “Two Girls”, “Miss Pamela”, “Miss Pamela”, “Lacy”, “Jenni Dean”, “Margaret”, “Sally Mann”,  and “Two Members of the GTO’S”. This past October a little gallery in London called Mach Schau presented “The Groupies by Baron Wolman”. What I wouldn’t give to have been at… read more

WHEELS | ’74 VW Bug

  It won’t surprise many of you that the first installment of “Wheels” features a certain orange Volkswagen. This was my very first car that I drove all through high school (and college as well.) It currently lives at my parents house but lately I’ve been thinking about bringing it back down to Austin. I… read more

ART PRINTS | Holiday offer from Samantha French

  The latest guest I’ve interviewed for Camille Styles is none other than artist Samantha French, the talented painter featured in my very first masthead on SCOUT. She has been an absolute joy to correspond with, and her gift guide went live today! She’s offering a very cool offer of 10% off prints in her… read more

SCANNING | Wes Anderson Book Covers

The good folks at Criterion Current recently published a little slideshow featuring a few of the printed props from Wes Anderson’s movies. Used for quick and funny cutaways, these little gems are definitely worth a closer look. The comment thread on Current was full of readers who wanted to know more about the props (Who… read more