CIRCULAR CHAIRS | A virtual round-up

Round Chairs | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

sources: 1. GARZA marfa // 2. amsterdam modern // 3. amsterdam modern // 4. pinterest // 5. innit designs // 6. innit designs

My favorite shape is the circle. It’s the friendliest of all shapes, don’t you think? I’d love to have one of these cool round chairs but I’m running out of room for any more furniture at my place. Which one is your favorite?

5 Responses to “CIRCULAR CHAIRS | A virtual round-up

  1. Andrea McAlister

    I loooove the Acapulco chairs! I’ve been hunting for one for years. I sat in one at El Cosmico made with rope. Sadly, it wasn’t very comfortable.

    • admin

      Man, I’ve got to get down to El Cosmisco next year. I will have to talk you in to going back! I found the Acapulco chairs on a site called Innit Designs. The home page claims they are “surprisingly comfortable”. haha

  2. Diane Smith

    I like to round wicker chair…also the round leather…
    hard call! They are all really neat chairs! D

  3. Mark

    Like the wooden chair. Reminds me of home.

  4. Kate

    agree with your dad! wooden one is awesome


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