ICONIC WALLPAPER | The Scalamandre Zebra

Scalamandre Zebras | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

This fun zebra print wallpaper was created by Franco and Flora Scalamandre for Gino Circiello’s New York Italian restaurant in 1945. Gino’s was located at 780 Lexington Avenue and operated with famously little change for over 50 years. The kitschy wallpaper eventually became a symbol for not just the restaurant, but for the city itself. Wes Anderson payed homage to the iconic design in The Royal Tenenbaums (seen in Margot’s bedroom) and Kate and Andy Spade used an apple green version of the pattern in a bathroom of their home. Gino’s Restaurant may have closed in 2010, but the Scalamandre company has re-released the pattern as part of their “Cabinet de Curiosites” collection. Above are a few of the colors available.

As a kid, I served as some sort of wallpaper apprentice to my mother who was a very ambitious decorator. We had a system down — I soaked, she pressed, I rolled. We got good. Real good. Busy Laura Ashley florals? Vertical stripes? Tight corners in bathrooms? No problem. Unfortunately, hanging wallpaper is only one of my Super Gen X Skills that has yet to pay off for me as an adult… Let’s not even talk about C++. But I’ve been thinking about doing my bathroom in the yellow zebras, so maybe it’s about to come full circle.

Let’s just hope Mom’s up for it.

image sources below: top two photos from Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York, The Royal Tenenbaums directed by Wes Anderson, 2001

Scalamandre Zebras | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose SmithScalamandre Zebras | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose SmithScalamandre Zebras | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Solutions for those of you uninterested in making the mistakes of the eighties all over again (read: PERMANENTLY GLUING trendy paper to the walls.)

01. yellow pillow // 02. red scarf // 03. red umbrella //04. red tray

Scalamandre Zebras | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith


6 Responses to “ICONIC WALLPAPER | The Scalamandre Zebra

  1. Andrea

    I have a few questions and one comment
    a) which bathroom?
    b) all walls or just one?

    DO it! I love this print.

    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Thinking of doing all four walls of the inner sanctum of the master bath. It’s a pretty tiny space!

  2. Samantha French

    Love this! You should definitely show us the outcome. I also have many memories of helping my mom wallpaper as a kid… then she moved on to faux painting (I’m talking feather duster splatters) when it was it was popular in the 90′s.

    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Nice. I can only imagine that you guys created some amazing 90′s faux textures together. Perhaps with a sponged border of some sort… Yes, I will definitely document the bathroom transformation once I get it started!

  3. Diane Smith

    Love this wallpaper! Yes, I agree we made a great
    team and yes, I am up for it!!!

  4. Cheryl

    Where can I buy the red tray with the zebra design, and what is the cost?


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