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Django Unchained | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Quentin sure does know how to blow a gal’s skirt up. And then shoot a bitch in the knee cap. His latest effort, Django Unchained, rocked my world for three hours (and four beers) last night at the Alamo Drafthouse Village. Without going near any of the usual debates Quentin’s movies tend to spark, I’ll just tell you what I liked about it: Not only do we get a black western hero, but Django gives us an ass-kicking German Texan as well. And if you’re a Texan who knows that many Germans living here openly opposed slavery, this all makes beautiful sense. Dr. King Schultz is probably the best character I’ve seen in any western for the past decade, and Christoph Waltz gives an incredible performance as the mysterious dentist-turned-bounty-hunter from Germany. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s because the character is so intelligent and kind, or if it had more to do with the very dapper costumes created by Sharon Jones… but Dr. Schultz is kind of hot. I have confirmed this with another reasonable female. And if Mr. Waltz isn’t enticing enough, then please go see this movie for the horrifically funny moments that could only happen in a messed up Tarantino version of the Old South. You will be rewarded with a healthy dose of QT’s trademark dialogue, a soundtrack that surprises and, of course… revenge.

Django Unchained | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Django Unchained | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

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