Continuing series:

  • Neat-O

    All the posts that have been featured in the special “O” in the masthead.

  • Scout Giveaways

    Amazing, fun, and just plain irresponsible giving! Winners will enjoy curated gift bags from Jenn featuring seasonal accessories and cool vintage finds.

  • Scanning

    Scans from our rather scary collection of books and magazines.

  • Wheels

    Our dads taught us to drive stick and the difference between straight and v-cylinder engines. We love to drive them, but mostly we love how they look… Wheels is where we worship cars (and the occasional bike) one curve at a time.

  • Criterion Challenge

    Join Jenn as she attempts to make good on her resolution to watch better movies. We’ll share the popcorn. No, She’s not watching every single one in the collection. But still, This could get rough, so bring your own wine.

  • Mick’s Tape

    Our very favorite ex-boyfriend who still sends us the occasional mixed tape in the mail. Mick will never commit, but dang if he doesn’t have good taste in music.

  • Crushes

    Created very much in the spirit of a young Wayne Campbell, Crushes (formerly Profiles in Awesomeness) was the first-ever recurring series on SCOUT. Meet interesting locals, talented creatives, beautiful people and anyone we look up to for being just plain awesome