SCANNING | A few pinterest finds

Clifford Coffin for Vogue | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Clifford Coffin for Vogue

Deborah Lao | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Design for CCA Summer Atelier Program designed by Sputnik student Deborah Lao

SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

source unknown | SCOUT By Jennifer Rose Smith


Troyt Coburn | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith
Troyt Coburn for Maire Claire

I’m on pinterest every single day. I think I’m one of the few lucky girls in the world who gets to “pin” as part of her job! While I love my favorite image-sharing site, most of the images I find there are not properly credited. Every now and then I like to do a reverse image-search with google and see if I can’t find the original sources. It tends to be a great way to get turned on to some new designers and photographers. I had good luck with this batch — found all but one!

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    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Thanks, Vicki!


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