OPENING | Sway Modern Thai

Sway | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

Have you seen the mysterious neon flower on South First? The sign lit up months ago, but the website for the La Condesa team’s latest venture just went live today. Owner Jesse Herman and executive chef Rene Ortiz are opening Sway, a restaurant featuring a  “modern Australian style of Thai cooking” this December 9th. The venture is a not-so-subtle challenge to Larry McGuire’s Veitnamese success, Elizabeth Street Cafe, just one block over. The most intriguing thing on the menu? Moo Sway. “A family style feast that must be reserved ahead of time and is only available twice a day.  The meal consists of an off-the-menu whole slow roasted Thai-style pork shoulder, a dozen freshly shucked oysters and is served with bibb lettuce cups, jasmine rice and assorted sauces.  Moo Sway also comes with an assortment of other specialties from the regular menu to round out the meal.  Moo Sway serves 8-10 people.” Get on the list to reserve Moo Sway!

*photo by Jennifer Rose Smith

4 Responses to “OPENING | Sway Modern Thai

  1. Mark

    That’s an eyecatching sign, hope the food is as spectacular.

  2. Diane Smith

    Hard to beat Neon…love the Jenn pic!

  3. Andrea

    Next girls’ dinner night out we should have Moo Sway!

    • Jennifer Rose Smith

      Yes! I’m on the list but haven’t heard back yet when my time will be. I’ll let you know!


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