SWIMMING | Paintings by Samantha French

"Deep Dive" by Samantha French, 2011 | SCOUT by Jennifer Rose Smith

"Emerge; clear waters" by Samantha French, 2012 | SCOUT

"Slow Breathing" by Samantha French, 2011 | SCOUT

"At the surface" by Samantha French, 2008 | SCOUT

Ever since I discovered the art of Samantha French via Lonny Mag I’ve been wanting to buy a piece for myself. Swimming is a big part of life in the summer here in Austin and these remind me of good memories at Barton Springs and Deep Eddy pool…  I’ve got a pretty sick collection of movie posters and concert paraphernalia going at my place, but eventually I’d like to start buying some art, too. You know, the kind with a capital “A”. The problem is that most of the good stuff is WAY out of my price range. The good news is that Samantha has an etsy store offering tons of prints, most for under $100. I haven’t decided which one I like best, but I’m thinking maybe that guy at the top.

images top to bottom: “Deep dive” by Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2011 // “Emerge; clear waters” by Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2012 // “Slow breathing” by Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2011 // “At the surface” by Samantha French, oil on canvas, 2008.

One Response to “SWIMMING | Paintings by Samantha French

  1. Diane Smith

    I REALLY REALLY enjoyed seeing Samantha
    French’s art work. I was not aware of her before your
    post! Thanks for sharing the art of a very talented
    artist with us all! D


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